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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 


Catalog Terminology

A course or requirement that needs to be met prior to taking another course.

Concurrent Prerequisites
A course or requirement that needs to be met either before or at the same time as another course is taken.

A course or requirement that needs to be taken at the same time as another course.

Class Restrictions
A restriction on whether you have to be a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Graduate student to take the course.

Major Restrictions
A restriction on whether you have to be in a specific program to take the course.

Cross-listed with
Some courses are listed under multiple departments. HIST335 is cross-listed with WGST335. They are the same class but since the class involves both history and women and gender studies the course is listed under both departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catalog Questions

Q. Which catalog should I be using?
A. Each student should use the catalog that was current during the first semester they started school at Eastern or any catalog that is published from there after.

General Education Questions

Q. What is the difference between a “General Education” requirement and a “Major” requirement?

A. Major requirements are courses that need to be taken or requirements that need to be met for the program of study being taken by a department. General Education requirements are a set of courses and requirements that all Undergraduates need to take by the University to graduate.


Q. What are the General Education requirements?

A. Current General Education requirements can be found at:


Q. How do I know if a course satisfies a General Education requirement?

A. The following are ways to identify a course as one that satifies a General Education requirement:

1. Next to the course name is (Gen Ed Area III)

2. This icon appears in the course information


Q. What is a General Education audit?

A. A General Education audit is when someone checks to see if you’ve completed all of the general education requirements. General Education Checklists can be found below.

1. Checklist for students who started EMU as a Freshmen: General Education Checklist 

2. Checklist for students that transfered to EMU: General Education Checklist 

Degree Questions

Q. When to register

A. The following websites give more information on registration and registration appointments:

Q. What is a Graduation audit?

A. Students who have completed 95 credit hours or more should request a graduation audit by completing the required form at the Office of Records and Registration, 303 Pierce Hall, or completing the form usually printed in the class schedule book each semester.

The form requires the student to record their expected date of graduation, legal name, social security number and major(s) and minor(s) elected. In addition, a check list is provided for degree expected and teacher certification expected. Accurate information is essential.

Forms are filed in the Office of Records and Registration and processed according to expected graduation date. A graduation auditor checks the credit hours taken and records the credit hours still needed. One copy of this audit is mailed to the student and another copy is filed. Students should receive their audits a semester before they apply for graduation. A graduation audit does not take the place of regular, thorough advising.

Students may return the forms by mail or in person to Room 303 Pierce Hall. Time is required by the office staff for processing, and immediate responses to requests for information cannot be made at the time of the request.


Q. How do I declare a major?

A. Fill out the information at the following website:


Q. When should I meet with an advisor?

A. At least once during your first year at Eastern and once you declare your major. You can also meet with your advisor prior to registering for class each term or if there have been any academic problems.


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