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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

Component 5 - Program Application

Newly admitted EMU Dietetics Program students enter the CP annually in summer I (early May). For a Summer 2023 start, the application cycle begins on November 1, 2022, and the multiple-step application process closes on January 17, 2023. Applicants will be notified of admission status on or before March 15 (or the following Monday, if the 15th lands on the weekend).

The following are the minimum requirements for an application to be reviewed and evaluated by the Dietetics Program Admission Review Committee. All admissions requirements must be met to have an opportunity for admission. However, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Dietetics Program as there are not as many spots available as there are applicants.

The program application submitted through Kira Talent includes three parts, as detailed below. Applicants who have submitted the Reference Form, Prerequisite Form, and processing fee can expect to receive a link to the Kira Talent check-in page via email between January 4 and January 9, 2023. Applicants will additionally receive a research article via email, which they should review and print to hard copy form, for use during the Kira Talent assessment. Before January 4, 2023, applicants should prepare and scan both A and B Documents, as instructed below, so that they may be uploaded to Kira Talent as soon as possible after receiving the link to the Kira Talent check-in page. These must be submitted as PDF files.

Please be aware that EMU closes for a week to ten days between the fall and winter semesters. Remember when determining your application timeline as advisors and other EMU employees/faculty will not be available during this closure.

Part I - Document A

The applicant will upload Document A (.pdf) to Kira. The file size may not exceed 5 MB. The file name must be formatted as LAST NAME.FIRST NAME.MIDDLE INITIAL.A.pdf (e.g., SMITH.JOE.Z.A.pdf).

The required contents of Document A are as follows:

Face Sheet: Document A (.pdf) requires a FACE SHEET as the first page (template [PDF] ).

Section #1 - Resume: Provide an up-to-date resume (example [PDF] ). The resume template is meant only to guide applicants and is not a required format.

Section #2 - Volunteer Verification: Applicants for the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CP) are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of volunteering at a venue or venues of their choice, preferably related to nutrition, food, or health care. These hours must be completed post-high school and within five years of applying to the CP. Applicants are encouraged to include hours above and beyond the minimum of 24 if applicable. (Volunteer Form [PDF] ).

Section #3 - Personal Statements: Answers to questions about what brought you to dietetics and what makes you a good fit for the program at EMU through a letter to the Program Director(s) (Additional Information ).

Section #4 - Physical & Mental Requirements: Review, sign, and submit the Physical and Mental Requirements Form [PDF] . Please do not include documentation from the Disability Resource Center as part of this document.

Section #5 - Prerequisite Approvals (if needed): Documentation of approval by an EMU Advisor for prerequisite courses taken at an institution other than EMU must be included (a Program of Study or Intent Prerequisite Approval Form are acceptable documents).

Part II - Document B

The applicant will upload Document B (.pdf) to Kira. The file size may not exceed 5 MB. The file name must be formatted as LAST NAME.FIRST NAME.MIDDLE INITIAL.B.pdf (e.g., SMITH.JOE.Z.B.pdf).

The required contents of Document B are as follows:

Face Sheet: Document B (.pdf) requires a FACE SHEET as the first page (template [PDF] ).

Section #6 - Immunization Proof: Provide official documentation of all required immunizations and vaccinations. A complete list of these requirements can be found in the Immunization and Other Requirements .

Section #7 - Preceptors (for distance-online applicants ONLY):

Provide documentation showing you have secured all required Supervised Practice Experience preceptors to apply to the program. In addition, please provide all the information in the Preceptor Summary Form for the three preceptors secured for year one in the Program and one preceptor for the year two final Nutrition Therapy III Experience.

Online Preceptor Commitment Form [DOC]   

Preceptor Summary Form [DOC]   

Part III - Timed Video and Written Assessment via Kira Talent Platform

After uploading Document A (.pdf) and Document B (pdf.) to the Kira Talent platform, applicants can access the online application’s timed writing and video-recorded components. Applicants will access these components through the unique Kira link sent to the applicant. There will be an opportunity to practice using the Kira Talent platform before the final recorded videos. Please be aware that once you have completed the timed written and video assessments, your application will be automatically submitted. You will no longer be able to change any part of your application.

This portion of the program application allows the application review committee to get to know the applicant better. Applicants can be asked questions about their motivations for applying to the program and other pertinent information. Please note that a webcam and microphone are needed for this assessment.