BIO 226 Global Ecology and the Environment [GEGA]

This course introduces basic ecological principles and their application to current global environmental issues and conservation practices, emphasizing the effect of the human population explosion on the conservation and use of resources and biodiversity.

Credit 4 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation Fall

Prerequisites - ENVI 107 with a "C" or higher  OR BIO 105 with a "C" or higher  OR BIO 106 with a "C" or higher  OR (BIO 110 with a "C" or higher  and BIO 111 with a "C" or higher ) OR (BIO 110 with a "C" or higher  and BIO 112 with a "C" or higher ) OR (BIO 120 with a "C" or higher  and BIO 121 with a "C" or higher )
Other Restrictions -
Restriction by Major -
Restriction by Class - Undergraduate standing

Rationale for Perspectives on a Diverse World - BIO 226 fulfills the General Education  Program's Global Awareness requirement for Perspectives on a Diverse World  by exploring the ecological principles critical for sustaining diverse human societies found in diverse settings on our planet. Global human concerns including food, health, transportation, and climate will be addressed within the frame of ecological processes and consequences.

Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of organisms. Topics for this course include: What factors limit the distribution of organisms? How are distributions likely to change with projected climate change? Why do some species become invasive pests when introduced to new areas of the globe while causing no problems in their native ranges? How can humans sustainably harvest other species for food, timber, and other uses?

Topics for this course connect to global impacts in order to help students become critical thinkers on important issues that have a direct influence on the daily lives of people around the world. After completing this course students at a minimum should be able to understand the ecological limits related to global problems such as food production, public health, climate change, and conservation of biodiversity. In these ways, BIO 226 meets the requirements of a Global Awareness Course in the General Education program

Keywords: biology , international Global Awareness (GEGA)    
Equivalent Courses: BIOL 226
Updates: Change to description and prerequisites 12/2021, effective Fall 2022; Prerequisites updated 1/2020; Approved for GEGA 4/2019, effective Fall 2019; Change to prerequisite 1/2018, effective Summer 2018; Course Rotation added 8/2014; Change to prereq 7/2014, effective Summer 2015; Change to prerequisite 4/2013, effective Winter 2014

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