PHIL 228 Global Ethics [GEGA or GEKH]

An exploration of major ethical traditions from around the world in their application to particular moral issues such as reproduction, the environment, war, punishment, human rights, development, biomedical issues, and euthanasia.

Credit 3 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation Fall and Winter

Prerequisites -
Other Restrictions -
Restriction by Major -
Restriction by Class - Undergraduate standing

Rationale for Perspectives on a Diverse World - Many of the issues in dispute between nations or cultures cab be considered ethical disputes. They are about what is right, what is good, what should be, in a human life. Many students have not, prior to college, been provided the opportunity to learn to think about ethical issues systematically. This course introduces students to a variety of ethical systems from around the world and applied these systems to issues that are currently in dispute between nations or cultures. Fundamental questions about ethics, such as whether there is one universal ethical system that underlies the apparently differing ethical ways of thinking in the world, or where there are multiple equally valid ethical modes of thinking, are considered. PHIL 228 - Global Ethics meets the Global Awareness  requirement of Global Perspectives on a Diverse World because it considers particular global issues from the perspective of both Western and Non-Western ethical systems to help students see beyond the surface of international disputes to the ways of thinking that underlie them. It provides students with the skills necessary for thinking about solutions to these disputes that respect all participants.

Rationale for Knowledge of the Disciplines - Philosophy is one of the fundamental disciplines of the humanities. The traditions and methodology of philosophy can be introduced by the study of any of a number of specific fields within philosophy. PHIL 228 - Global Ethics is an introduction to philosophy through the study of ethics, the area of philosophy that examines morality- right and wrong, good and evil, the good life. This course focuses on a wide range of ethical systems from around the world, comparing and contrasting their positions on contemporary moral issues. PHIL 228 Global Ethics fulfills the humanities requirement of the Knowledge of the Disciplines  category of the General Education  program because it is an introduction to the discipline of philosophy that provides students the opportunity to learn what the discipline of philosophy provides to one's overall intellectual development. More generally, its method is critical reasoning- a habit of mind that everyone needs- and it addresses some of the most fundamental concepts in human thought- the right and the good. Both the skills and concepts addressed in this course help students in their educations, careers, and personal lives.

Keywords: Global Awareness (GEGA)  , philosophy , ethics , international , Knowledge of the Disciplines - Humanities (GEKH)  
Updates: Course Rotation added 1/2015

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