ENVI 305W Current Topics in Environmental Science and Society [GEWI]

This team-taught, interdisciplinary course will focus on current topics in environmental science and society. The course serves to bring students together whose course of study might be focused more toward the natural sciences perspective or toward the social sciences perspective but jointly share an interest in addressing environmental issues.

Credit 3 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation Winter

Prerequisites - [(BIO 110  and BIO 111 ) or BIO 226 ] and [(CHEM 115  and CHEM 116 ) or (CHEM 121  and CHEM 122 )] and [(ESSC 108  and ESSC 109 ) or ESSC 110 ] and ENVI 105  and ENVI 107  and GEOG 276   and STAT 170  and PHIL 229  
Other Restrictions - Department Permission is required
Restriction by Major - Environmental Science and Society, Interdisciplinary Program [BS]  
Restriction by Class - Junior standing

Rationale for Writing Intensive - This course is a writing intensive course in the Environmental Science and Society, Interdisciplinary Program [BS] . This course offers students an opportunity to work on their skills of research and synthesis of wide-ranging information on a single topic in a group setting. The skills of research, synthesis and group work are highly relevant in most professional positions in their field that students can expect to enter after graduating.

Keywords: environmental , Writing Intensive (GEWI)  
Equivalent Courses: ENVI 305
Updates: Change to class-level restrictions 10/2020, effective Fall 2021; Prerequisites updated 1/2020; Course Rotation added 1/2015; Prerequisite revision 7/2014, effective Winter 2015; Approved for GEWI 1/2014, effective Summer 2014; New Course 10/2011

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