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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 

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BIO 110 - Introductory Biology I (GEKN)

The basic concepts of biology upon which students can begin to develop a conceptual framework of the discipline will be developed in this course and reinforced in upper-level courses. Cell structure and function, molecular biology, Mendelian and population genetics, evolutionary theory and ecology will be covered in this first semester of a two-semester sequence. Inquiry-oriented laboratory exercises and inquiry-oriented methods will be emphasized in lecture and discussion sections.

Credit Hours: 5 hrs
Lecture/Lab Hours: Course meets for two 75-minute lectures, one hour of discussion and three hours of laboratory each week
Prerequisite:   or above or Math level 2 with concurrent registration in  
Notes: BIO 110 is required for students taking a major or minor in biology.
Previously Listed As: BIOL 110
Course Revisions: The following course revisions are effective Winter 2015, 1) The course description will read “This lecture course, taken concurrently with BIO 111 , begins the two-semester introductory core sequence for Biology majors and minors.  Students are introduced to cell structures and function, molecular biology, Mendalian and population genetics, evolutionary theory and ecology.  These fundamental biological concepts, principles and processes will be reinforced in upper-level courses.” 2) Credit Hours will reduce to 3 hrs 3)   will be added as a co- 4) Prerequisite requirement will change to “ ,  ,  ,  ,  , or (level 4 placement or level 3 placement) with concurrent registration in  

Knowledge of the Disciplines:

BIO 110 is designed to enable students to understand the fundamental concepts, principles and processes upon which all life is based; the relationship of the course material to their day-to-day world; and how to apply the scientific method. Students are provided with the tools to enable them to become responsible, scientifically literate global citizens and voters. Students who successfully complete BIO 110 have the ability to read critically a biologically relevant popular press article and to evaluate the reporting of technological, health-related and environmental issues. The ability empowers students to make better, scientifically-informed life decisions.
Last Updated: Change to prerequisites 5/2014, effective Winter 2015; Change to course description, credit hours, and co-reqs 4/2014, effective Winter 2015

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