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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 

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DTC 431W - Nutrition Therapy III Experience (Gen Ed Area I, W, or Area V LBC)

Supervised practice experience in a variety of community settings with emphasis on nutrition education techniques and the operation of federal, state and local nutrition programs.

Credit Hours: 4 hrs
Prerequisite: department permission
Class Restrictions: Junior, Senior, and Second Bacc.
Major Restrictions: Only Students in the Dietetics Major (IDTC)  program may enroll in this course.
Previously Listed As: DTC 431L
Course Revisions: Course title change from “Nutrition Therapy III Experience” to “Community Nutrition Experience,” and a course description change, “Supervised practice experience in a variety of community settings with emphasis on nutrition education techniques and the operation of federal, state, and local nutrition programs. This course meets the university requirement for a writing intensive course” 5/2013, effective Winter 2014


This course is offered as a part of the General Education Program and satisfies either the Writing Intensive requirement or Area V (Learning Beyond the Classroom), Group 2, Option VI.

DTC 431W Nutrition Therapy III Experience [was DTC 431L]
A critical skill of the Registered Dietitian (RD) is the ability to communicate in a variety of ways including through the written word. RDs use this skill daily in their jobs, as well as during their educational years. Writing skills are essential in the dietetics field because they are used continuously and consistently throughout the career.

This course provides the opportunity for students to develop competence with a variety of genres used in the profession. One of these genres is health care documentation using the discipline-specific Nutrition Care Process. Students also learn to write for a variety of audiences by writing a legislative letter, a nutrition tip of the week article targeted at a general audience, and both health fair and education materials that are developed for more specific audiences. Students complete several additional assignments that have writing components including a strategic planning paper and flow of services project. The major assignment for this course is a 3-tier program planning project consisting of a community needs assessment, a program planning assignment, and two nutrition articles, one for professionals and one for a lay audience. Each of these assignments uses a different type of writing and is representative of writing across the discipline. Of the final grade in DTC 431W, almost 60% is based on writing assignments.

Due to the extensive writing in this course related to the role of the RD in the nutrition discipline, and instruction and support connected to that writing, DTC 431W fulfills the Writing Intensive requirement for the dietetics major.
Last Updated: Course Title and Description Change 5/2013, effective Winter 2014; Gen Ed Approval (WI) 03/2012, effective Fall 2012; Gen Ed Approval (LBC) 11/2011; Links 04/2011

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