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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 

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MUSC 108 - World Music (Gen Ed Area III, IV)

Designed for the non-music major, a study of the Word’s music. Basic musical concepts are used to explore diverse musical styles and their functions in cultures throughout the world. This course assumes no prior formal musical training.

Credit Hours: 3 hrs

Area III: Perspectives on a Diverse World

MUSC 108 - World Music

In prehistoric times, every culture conceived of the idea of using their voices and creating instruments to communicate; yet each culture’s conception of music differed wildly. In this course, each selected musical tradition is traced from its point of origin to wherever its individual pathway of continuity and transformation may have led. Through this “music-cultural” lens, students view not only the creators of the music, but  also how each unique musical tradition relates to diverse and intersecting planes of geography, history, identity and cultural worldview and practice. Global issues such as religious and ideological conflicts, Diasporas, militarism, and nationalism have always been vividly illustrated by a culture’s music. Students will gain the ability to see past and present world events from the vantage point of the people who were and are directly affected by them. For these reasons, this course meets the Global Awareness category of the General Education program.

Area IV: Knowledge of the Disciplines

MUSC 108 - World Music

The world’s diverse and ever-changing forms of music can foster an appreciation for the inherent qualities of creativity and shared global perspectives teaches students to approach its diversity with an open mind, open ears, thoughtfulness, and engagement. By learning to identify the building blocks of music, and how they are organized in each unique culture, students develop the tools to increase their appreciation and enjoyment of music overall. Moreover, these tools provide students with a productive lens through  which to view how music undergoes a process of creative transformation that reflects cultures as they change, grow, intersect and adapt. Upon achieving these objectives, students gain the capacity to enhance their appreciation for cultural diversity and intercultural tolerance. For these reasons, this course meets the Arts Discipline category of the General Education program.

Last Updated: Gen Ed Approval 1/2013, effective Summer 2013; New Course 6/2012, effective Winter 2013

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