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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

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ATTR 420 - Administrative and Legal Aspects of Athletic Training

Effective Fall 2019, this course will be deleted/end-dated

This course examines the administrative and legal issues surrounding the field of athletic training. Students will learn the basis of management, program management, human resource management, finance resource management, facility design and planning, information management, athletic injury insurance and legal considerations and how these apply to the profession to athletic training.

Credit 2 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation Fall

Prerequisite(s) (ATTR 327L4 Inactive
Corequisite(s) ATTR 390L4  and ATTR 485  

Department Permission is required

Major Restriction(s) Athletic Training (BSAT) Phased Out
Class-Level Restriction Senior standing

Notes -
Previously listed as SPMD 420
Updates Course Rotation 1/15; Major Restriction 8/2014, 2/28/2011

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