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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

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PHY 222 - Electricity and Light

A continuation of PHY 221 ; part of a two-course algebra-based sequence in college-level physics. Topics include electrostatics, fields, potentials, current, magnetism, DC and AC circuits, and geometrical and physical optics. Students will learn about electric and magnetic fields, and will be introduced to the basic components of electrical circuits. PHY 222 explores the physical concepts and principles that constrain Society’s use of electricity, magnetism and light. All physics majors, minors and pre-engineers must elect PHY 224.

Credit 4 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation Fall, Winter, and Summer

Prerequisite(s) (PHY 221  or PHY 223 ) and ((MATH 105  or MATH 119 ) and MATH 107  ) or MATH 140  with a C or better in each course; or MATH 112  or MATH 120 
Class-Level Restriction Undergraduate standing

Notes -
Updates Change to course description 5/2016, effective Fall 2016; Course Rotation 1/15; Prereqs. 07/2011; Links 04/2011

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