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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

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GHPR 577 - Geographic Thought

Traditional and modern geographic thought; readings on nature, scope, problems, and methods of geography. The seminar is a critical inquiry into the development of modern geographic thought and examines the key concepts, paradigms, and theories that define what the discipline of geography has been in the past, what it is today, and what it might become in the future.

Credit 2 hrs May not be repeated for additional credit
Grade Mode Normal (A-F)
Course Rotation

Cross-listed with GEOG 577  

Class-Level Restriction Graduate standing

Notes -
Equivalent Courses GEOG 577
Updates New Course 11/2017, effective Fall 2018

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