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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

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BMMT 251 - Principles of Career and Technical Education

An introduction to career and technical education. The scope and importance of vocational education. Vocational curriculum development, including standards, unit plans, lesson plans and assessment objectives. Safety, ethical issues, and management of vocational programs. Pre-student teaching experience will be initiated in conjunction with this course.

Credit 4 hrs Normal (A-F)
May not be repeated for additional credit

Course Rotation:

Prerequisites -
Other Restrictions -
Restriction by Major -
Restriction by Class - Undergraduate standing

Additional Information:

Students pursuing this degree, or a Post-Bachelor’s teaching endorsement, and has appropriate work experience, can also pursue a Standard CTE Certificate from the Michigan Department of Education. Interested students must complete BMMT 251 BMMT 352 , and all State of Michigan requirements. For more information about the Standard CTE Certificate, please contact the BMMT Program Coordinator at emu_bmmt@emich.edu. This certificate is awarded by the State of Michigan, students will not earn an additional degree from Eastern Michigan University.


Keywords: business management marketing technology  
Equivalent Courses: BE 200, BMMT 200
Updates: Change to number and credit hours 4/2020, effective Fall 2020; Change to dept. 6/2014

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