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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog
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PHY 224 - Electricity and Light

A continuation of PHY 223 : part of a two-course calculus-based sequence in university-level physics. Topics include electrostatics, fields, potentials, current, magnetism, DC and AC circuits, and geometrical and physical optics. Students are introduced to electric and magnetic field calculations using a calculus-based approach.

Credit 5 hrs Normal (A-F)
May not be repeated for additional credit

Course Rotation: Fall and Winter

Prerequisites - PHY 223  and MATH 121  
Other Restrictions -
Restriction by Major -
Restriction by Class - Undergraduate standing

Additional Information:

Upon completion of an equivalent lecture and laboratory course with a “C” or higher, a student is awarded transfer credit for PHY 221 , PHY 222 , PHY 223 , and PHY 224 . Both the equivalent lecture and laboratory course or courses must be completed to earn credit. No exceptions are made.


Keywords: physics  
Updates: Change to description 5/2016, effective Fall 2016; Course Rotation updated 8/2014

Winter 2021 Course Sections

Fall 2020 Course Sections

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