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Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication (TECM)

The certificate program provides specialist training, at the graduate level, to individuals who wish to increase their knowledge, or obtain new knowledge, in the field of technical communication. The program addresses the needs of individuals who have been trained in other fields who wish to become technical communicators; of individuals who have been trained in English or technical communication who wish to take additional, advanced course work in the field; and of practitioners in technical communication who wish to increase their knowledge base. The program provides students with the skills they will need to work as technical communicators and/or to pursue further graduate study in technical communication.

Program Admission

Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed graduate school application
  2. A personal statement (we recommend that these statements be 1 to 2 pages in length)
  3. Official transcripts from ALL prior colleges and universities (note: If you attended EMU, you do not need to request your EMU transcript)
  4. An academic writing sample (preferably something related to your intended concentration in either the Teaching of Writing or Professional Communication)
  5. Two letters of recommendation

International Transcripts - Post-secondary transcripts from a non-U.S. institution must be submitted directly to one of four approved evaluation services for a detailed, course by course report. See International Admission Checklist for additional information. Applicants should allow 2-6 weeks for the evaluation to be completed.

Department Information

English Language & Literature, College of Arts & Sciences

Joseph Csicsila, Ph.D. | Interim Department Head | 612 Pray-Harrold | 734.487.4220 |

Matt Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. | Graduate Coordinator | 613J Pray-Harrold | 734.487.0399 |

Advisor Information

Steven Krause, Ph.D. | 612 Pray-Harrold | 734.487.4220 |

Degree Requirements: 15 hours

Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of graduate course work in technical communication with a GPA of at least 3.0. Students are encouraged to compile a portfolio of work completed in the program accompanied by a reflective essay. The portfolio and reflective essay are optional.

Course NameCredit Hour:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
WRTG 500 - Introduction to Graduate Studies in Written Communication 3 hrs
WRTG 524 - Advanced Technical Writing and Research 3 hrs

Three courses from the following

WRTG 505 - Rhetoric of Science and Technology 3 hrs
WRTG 521 - Technical Writing 3 hrs
WRTG 522 - Technical Editing 3 hrs
WRTG 523 - Writing Computer Documentation 3 hrs
WRTG 526 - Topics in Technical Communication 3 hrs
WRTG 527 - Topics in Professional Communication 3 hrs
WRTG 540 - Visual Rhetoric and Information Design 3 hrs
WRTG 544 - Writing for the World Wide Web 3 hrs
WRTG 545 - Writing Digital Media 3 hrs