Oct 22, 2019  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Arts in Arts Administration (THAD)

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Faculty Contact:
Susan Booth, Professor
103 Quirk Hall
734-487-1220 or 734-487-0033

This program was established in 1985 to prepare students for assuming administrative positions within performing and visual arts organizations and initiate creative entrepreneurial projects in arts and cultural businesses. The program provides students who already have experience in the arts with knowledge and understanding of the arts business, in governance, management, marketing and finance. The program includes study in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business to equip students with administrative and aesthetic skills that enable them to assume leadership positions as entrepreneurs, planners, advocates, administrators and community organizers. Students develop research skills that enable them to gather, organize and analyzing information and apply the knowledge to problem solving in a wide variety of circumstances. Emphasis is placed on promoting the interrelated nature of the arts in support of interdisciplinary and collaborative programming that recognizes the relationship of the arts with other areas of human endeavor. EMU was a founding member of the Association of Arts Administration Educators and continues to be active in this national organization.





Admission Requirements
Applicants must:

  1. Meet the Graduate School admission requirements and be accepted into the program by the department;

  2. Have at least a minor or the equivalent in communication, arts or business;

  3. Have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75 in the last half of undergraduate work; and

  4. In the case of international students, have a minimum TOEFL score (see the Admissions web site at www.emich.edu/admissions for minimum scores).

Program Requirements
Students must:

  1. Early in their graduate work, prepare an official program of study in consultation with an assigned graduate adviser and file it with the Office of Records and Registration

  2. Successfully meet all conditions stipulated upon entry into the program; and

  3. Complete, with an overall GPA of at least 3.0, a minimum of 30 hours of approved course work as identified in the official program of study.

Arts administration is a 30-36 credit hour program of study individually designed to complement the educational and professional experience of each student. Each program of study is developed in close consultation with a program adviser to insure multidisciplinary experience and provide a high level of proficiency in four essential areas.

  • Arts Administration - Core classes include Arts Management, Law Public Policy and the Arts, Marketing the Arts with additional classwork in Arts Advocacy, Event Planning, Grant and Proposal Writing, Fundraising and Community Cultural Development. Credit for professional experience is awarded through the Co-op education program.

  • Business - Classes in the College of Business include Marketing, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Accounting, Not-for-profit Accounting

  • Communication and Leadership - Students prepare to assume leadership through classes in negotiation skills and organizational communication

  • Scholarly Research - Includes specific classwork and a thesis/terminal project.

The program is designed to serve both the working professional and the traditional full time student with most classes offered in the evenings and on weekends.

Additional information is available at www.artsadministration.org, the Association of Arts Education Administrators.

Course Requirements:

The M.A. in Arts Administration requires the completion of a minimum of 30 hours. A customized program of study will be designed in consultation with an adviser from required and elective courses as follows:


Required Courses: 3-6 hours

Elective Courses: 25-27 hours

Twenty-five to 27 hours selected from within the department in consultation with the graduate adviser.

Cognate Courses: 0-9 hours

Zero to nine hours selected from other areas or departments.

Program Total: 30-36 hours

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit: Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

The following courses may be elected for graduate credit. A maximum of nine hours of approved 400-level course work may be permitted in the earning of any graduate degree.

If you intend to enroll in any of the following undergraduate courses for graduate credit, you must submit a request form to the Graduate School to receive permission before enrolling in the course; otherwise, you will receive undergraduate credit.

Additional 400-level undergraduate courses also are available to graduate students under special circumstances. On this matter the student should have a clear understanding with the department and the Graduate School before expecting to use such courses toward a master of arts or a master of fine arts in the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre Arts.

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