May 27, 2018  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Director: Michelle Henry
404 Owen
Phone: 734.487.4444

The M.S. IMC program will be conducted exclusively online. Twelve rigorous three-credit courses will be required, culminating with a capstone experience in which students prepare a cohesive IMC plan for a real-world client.

Goal and Objectives

  1. Develop a foundation amongst students for identifying stakeholders; learning the strengths, weaknesses and applications of each communications vehicle; and for competency in preparing cohesive IMC plans.

  2. Achieve an understanding of the primary role of IMC as the key to building brand image and brand equity.

  3. Prepare graduates of the IMC program to be able to:

    1. Identify all stakeholders as an early step in the IMC process;

    2. Identify the situations when each functional area of IMC can be effectively utilized;

    3. Discuss various factors in the global environment and how they influence IMC decisions;

    4. Explain how brand equity is built, measured and managed;

    5. Identify the factors that shape consumer decision making;

    6. Plan IMC message communications strategies;

    7. Explain the meaning of developing the same message across different vehicles;

    8. Demonstrate how marketing objectives are translated into effective media strategies;

    9. Explain how the Internet and other new media vehicles can be used to build customer relationships;

    10. Discuss the roles of direct marketing in acquiring and retaining customers and building loyalty;

    11. Explain how to measure the results of a direct marketing campaign;

    12. Discuss how to use research for creative development and measuring the impact of the brand communications programs;

    13. Explain the applications of sales promotion to build traffic, launch new products and build brands;

    14. Identify the ethical and regulatory issues surrounding IMC;

    15. Develop evaluative standards to determine success/failure of any given IMC campaign;

    16. Develop a comprehensive and viable IMC plan for a real-world profit or nonprofit organization.

  4. Be research-oriented and gain respect for developing knowledge in this discipline.

  5. Reinforce the theme of developing innovative, applied and global programs.