Oct 22, 2019  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Arts in Middle Level Education (MSED)

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Program Phase-Out, effective Fall 2014

Advisor: Ethan Lowenstein, Ph.D.
313 Porter

Description of Program

The Master of Arts in Middle Level Education program is designed to encourage each student to further develop the critical, creative, conceptual and collaborative thinking skills and concepts along with an emphasis on advocacy, cultural competence, communal inquiry and a sense of curiosity necessary for success in the 21st century classroom. The program includes foundation courses, courses in the theory and practice of middle level education, content area courses, and portfolio courses at the beginning and end to support the student throughout the program. No GRE is required for admittance. The program is portfolio scaffolded.

NOTE: This program does not grant a teaching certificate.

Admission Requirements for All Teacher Education Masters Programs

  1. Meet the Graduate School admission requirements;

  2. Hold a 2.75 undergraduate GPA; Or a 3.0 in the last half of the undergraduate work; Or a 3.3 GPA in 12 hours or more of work at the graduate level; Or a minimum of 50th percentile on the Graduate Record Examination writing;

  3. Furnish an analysis of professional goals written by the candidate. This analysis should include a description of how the chosen degree program will help meet the selected goals and how the candidate’s life experiences, accomplishments and interests will contribute to his or her success in the program;

  4. Request and have submitted two current (within the last two years) letters of recommendation that address the candidate’s professional commitment, experience and potential. The transcripts, analysis of goals and letters of recommendation should give evidence of potential for graduate-level scholarship;

  5. The following programs require a valid teaching certificate: Curriculum and Instruction. However, the MA in Urban and Diversity Education does NOT require a teaching certificate. Early Childhood, Reading

  6. For international students who do not intend to teach in the United States or students who have an established career in ECE pre-K, this requirement can be waived.

Note: All of the above materials will be taken into account in the admission process. Decisions will be made using an holistic assessment taking into account the goals, professional writing, prior experiences, and past academic performance including GPA.

Concentration Courses: 9 hours

All students in the Middle Level Education program must select a broad subject area concentration. This requires nine credits selected from the undergraduate major/minor subject area. Fields such as social studies are acceptable (history is not); science is acceptable (biology is not). This reflects the broad field interdisciplinary teaming concept key to middle level schools.

Elective Courses: 2 hours

Electives are selected in consultation with the advisor.

Final Seminar in Middle Level: 1 hr

Portfolio Presentation

Program Total: 32-33 hours

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