May 27, 2018  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Science in Psychology (General Clinical) (PSYC)

For general program advising:
Carol Freedman-Doan, Ph.D 
341 Mark Jefferson Science Complex 
For admissions advising:
Karen Saules, Ph.D. 
611 W. Cross Street 


The General Clinical Masters’ program operates within a theoretical framework which believes that, at its core, human functioning involves intra- and interpersonal processes that occur within a developmental context. The program’s coursework, clinical training, and research training emphasize an empirical framework in which clinical practice and science mutually inform each other. Within this context, the General Clinical Masters’ program has two overarching goals. The first is to train students in the practice of current, professionally accepted methods of psychological assessment and psychotherapy based upon various theoretical perspectives of personality and psychopathology. The successful student will be prepared for licensure and clinical practice at the master’s level in the state of Michigan. The second goal is to train students in the design and analysis of clinical research.

Admission Requirements
Priority consideration will be given to applicants who meet all of the requirements for graduate degree admission status listed below:

  1. Meet the Graduate School admission requirements;

  2. Complete the Graduate School application (online or paper copy available);

  3. Complete a Department application (available on the department website);

  4. Have an undergraduate GPA of approximately 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale;

  5. Have at least 20 hours in psychology, including statistics and experimental psychology;

  6. Submit a transcript of GRE scores in which the sum of the scores for the verbal and quantitative sections is approximately 1000 or higher; and

  7. Present two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers or others who can testify to the applicant’s suitability for the program of study.

Incomplete applications may not be considered. Credits earned under non-degree student status do not automatically apply to the requirements of the degree program.

Applications should be submitted to the Office of Admissions as stipulated in this catalog. A copy of the application should also be mailed directly to the Department of Psychology.

There are no admissions to degree programs in the spring and summer sessions. After the admission quota for the program has been met, students will be placed on a waiting list, which does not guarantee admission unless spaces become available.

Course Requirements: 45 hours

The M.S. in Psychology (General Clinical) requires the completion of 45 hours of course work to be distributed among required core courses, assessment courses, professional practice/treatment courses, practicum courses, elective courses and cognate courses as follows:

Assessment: 8 hours

Elective Courses: 17 hours

17 hours selected from psychology courses within the department in consultation with the graduate advisor.

Cognate Courses: 0-6 hours

Zero to six hours selected from outside the psychology department in consultation with the graduate advisor.


Students are required to complete a 600 hour practicum experience.

Program Total: 45 hours


* Students admitted to the general clinical program must achieve a minimum grade of B in each of the following courses: PSY 731 , PSY 743 , PSY 751  and PSY 762 . A student who receives a grade lower than B in any of these courses may elect to repeat the class in order to meet graduation requirements.