Jul 11, 2020  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Science in Chemistry (CHM)

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This program provides advanced study in chemistry for individuals who are currently employed in chemistry-related industrial or governmental positions, or desire professional training before entering the job market or a doctoral program.

Admission Requirements:

  1. An undergraduate degree with a major or a strong minor (approximately 25 hours) in chemistry.
  2. Advanced undergraduate courses corresponding to CHEM 371 /373 , CHEM 361  or CHEM 461  and CHEM 481 , along with either CHEM 432  or CHEM 451 /CHEM 452 . The graduate coordinator may use examinations to ascertain competency and the need for remedial work in any deficient areas. A maximum of 4 credit hours of graduate credit will be allowed for courses taken to correct deficiencies.
  3. One year of calculus-based college physics (PHY 223 , PHY 224 ) and calculus.
  4. Satisfaction of the Graduate School’s admission requirements.
  5. Submission of Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) general test scores.
  6. GPA of at least 2.75, but 3.00 preferred.
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Degree Requirements:

Students in this program follow either the Thesis Plan or the Non-Thesis Plan. Each includes a research seminar and a research experience, a course in chemical literature and four courses to satisfy distribution requirements, and additional courses to complete the stated minimum number of hours.

Thesis Plan
Thesis plan students must submit a written thesis based on original research; an oral presentation of the research to the Department of Chemistry is required. A maximum of 10 hours of CHEM 697 /698 /699 - Research in Chemistry  may be used toward thesis.

Non-Thesis Plan
This plan requires satisfactory completion of a minimum of 34 hours of graduate credit. It is intended for the part-time student whose professional experience constitutes a reasonable substitute (as determined by the graduate committee) for the laboratory research of the thesis plan.

Department Information:

Chemistry - College of Arts & Sciences

Ross Nord, Ph.D.
Interim Department Head

541 Science Complex
(734) 487-0106

Department Website

Advisor Information:

Tim Brewer, Ph.D.

541 Mark Jefferson Science Complex
(734) 487-0106

Course Requirements:

The M.S. in chemistry requires the completion of 30 to 34 hours of course work to be distributed among required courses, distribution requirement courses, elective courses, a research requirement and cognate courses as follows:

Master of Science in Chemistry

Distribution Requirement Courses: 8-12 hours

Select at least one course from four of the following six areas of chemistry (courses are listed below). A grade point average of B (3.0) or better in all distribution courses is required.

Elective Courses: 6-20 hours

Six to 20 hours selected from among graduate courses at the 500- or 600-level, or from approved 400-level CHEM courses. Courses are selected in consultation with the graduate coordinator and student’s thesis research director.

Research Requirement: 6-10 hours

Thesis Plan:

An approved written thesis and an oral presentation of the research to the Department of Chemistry is required.

Non-Thesis Plan

Students must complete a satisfactory written report, in thesis style, on a project carried out in the student’s job in the off-campus setting. Industrial research experience must be judged by the department head and the graduate committee to be a reasonable substitute for a typical academic research project. Students will also present to the chemistry faculty a seminar that meets the standards for the research seminar set out in the department’s Graduate Student Handbook.

Cognate Courses: 0-6 hours

Zero to six hours selected from courses outside the Department of Chemistry in consultation with the graduate coordinator. Cognates chosen from 400-level courses will be included in the nine-hour limit.

Program Total: 30-34 hours

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