Jul 12, 2020  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 

Master of Science in Human Nutrition (NUTR)

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EMU-Online Master of Science in Human Nutrition provides an in-depth study of nutrition based on sound and current scientific evidence. This degree does not lead to the RD credential. The Master of Science in Dietetics is recommended for those seeking the RD credential.

Out-of-state students receive Michigan resident (in-state) tuition rates for all EMU-Online courses.

Human Nutrition Infographic  

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School Information:

School of Health Sciences - College of Health and Human Services

Colleen Croxall, Ph.D.

313 Marshall Bldg
(734) 487-4096

School Website

Advisor Information:

Anahita Mistry, Ph.D.

318 Marshall
(734) 487-5079

Career Opportunities:

This degree can enhance your current degree and provide opportunities in health care, business, education and the field of human performance. If you are a registered dietitian, this degree allows you to obtain Continuing Professional Education toward maintaining your credential.

Number of Credits:

A total of 30-36 credit hours are required to complete the program. Total credits are dependent upon individualized program of study. If there are deficiencies in your undergraduate program of study or if a course needs to be repeated, additional credit hours may be required.

Prerequisite Courses:

Taken at EMU or an approved equivalent course at another university.

Grade of “C” or better in:

Grade of “B” or better in:

  • Principles of Human Nutrition (EMU equivalent DTC 202 )
  • Nutrient Metabolism - Macronutrients (EMU equivalent DTC 302 )
  • Nutrition of the Lifecycle (EMU equivalent DTC 372 )
  • Community Nutrition/Nutrition Therapy III (EMU equivalent DTC 430 )

Note: Students who do not have a degree in nutrition or dietetics will need two nutrition courses with a grade of B or above before taking any graduate courses.

Master of Science in Human Nutrition

Department Courses: 18-34 hours

Culminating Experience:3-6 hours

Select from either Option I, Option II, or Option III

Option I: Thesis

The thesis option involves a research study that is planned, executed, and written in thesis format. This option includes three classes (six credit hours). Each student must have a committee of at least two people; the thesis chair must have a PhD and be an EMU faculty. More specifically, the thesis consists of a research study that requires 5 chapters detailing the study. Statistical analysis is the responsibility of the student. Chapters 1-3 are a proposal of the study, written in Thesis I. Chapter 1 is the introduction, chapter 2 is the review of literature, and chapter 3 is the methodology (how you will do the study). Thesis II involves data collection and statistical analysis of the data. Chapters 4 (Results) and 5 (Conclusions) are written. Thesis III involves dissemination of the research through a poster presentation or an article in a peer-reviewed journal.

Option II: Research

The research option is a three class series (six credit hours) working with one professor on a project that the student and professor agree on. More specifically, you may follow the same format as the thesis without the complicated statistics. You may also choose something completely different. For example, one student has designed a module to train future students on autism. In addition, students are guided toward submitting manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals.

Option III: Research Writing

The research writing option is one class (three credit hours) focused on biomedical research writing. Students complete a series of assignments in research writing; complete a newsletter article, and a short manuscript that is distributed electronically to faculty and staff in the School of Health Sciences at the end of the semester.

Cognate Courses: 3-19 hours

Program Total: 30-36 hours

Extended Program:

This graduate program is available at an EMU off-campus location. For a list of locations, please click here .

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