Mar 29, 2020  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 

Health Education [M.S.]

The Master of Science in Health Education program is designed to prepare students to be at the forefront of promoting health in community settings.  The program is rooted in health behavior change theory, research, best practices, and ethical standards. Students completing the program will have the knowledge and skills to assess individual and community health needs, plan, implement, and evaluate health education/health promotion programs, and advocate for community health. The MSHE program prepares culturally competent health education professionals to partner with individuals and communities to prevent disease and injury, and promote health.

Program Admission

  • Meet minimum Graduate School requirements for admission.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
  • Academic preparedness for graduate-level study demonstrated by evidence of one of the following:
    • A 2.75 overall undergraduate grade point average, or a 3.0-grade point average in the second half of the undergraduate degree program.
    • A transcript of GRE scores in which the scores for each of the verbal and quantitative sections is above the 60th percentile (GRE took within five years before the time of application).
    • Applicants not meeting either of the above criteria may apply for non-degree admission.
  • International students must meet at least one of the following additional criteria:
    • A score of 213 on the TOEFL (CBT), or a score of 83 on the TOEFL (iBT), a rating of 4 on the TWE and a score of 230 on the TSE.
    • A score of 80 on the Michigan English Language Ability Battery (MELAB) and a rating of at least 3.0 on the “Oral Interview” portion of the MELAB.
  • Submit three professional letters of recommendation.
  • Complete an interview with the appropriate program faculty.

School Information

Health Promotion & Human Performance Christopher Herman, Ph.D., Director | 319J Porter, 734.487.2815,

Advisor Information

Joan Cowdery, Ph.D., Professor, 319A Porter, 734.487.2811,

Degree Requirements: 36 hours

Suggested Elective Courses: 3 hours

Select three credit hours from the following. Elective hours can come from HLED courses or other health-related courses offered by other programs and departments. These electives are selected with guidance and approval of the assigned health education advisor.