Sep 20, 2020  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Japanese Language Teaching [Graduate Certificate]

The Graduate Certificate in Japanese Language Teaching program is designed to assist applicants in attaining the equivalent of an advanced level of proficiency in the Japanese language, as well as to improve teaching effectiveness in different teaching/learning settings including Japanese as a foreign language (JFL) and Japanese as a heritage language (JHL).

Program Admission

  1. Applicants in this graduate certificate program must demonstrate at least intermediate-high level of Japanese proficiency using the ACTFL’s Oral Proficiency Interview or Level 3 of the Japanese Proficiency Test developed by the Japan Foundation, or equivalent.
  2. Conditional admission may be granted to candidates evidencing deficiencies in Japanese proficiency. Such candidates must successfully complete deficiency courses including, but not limited to, JPNE 343 - Japanese Composition JPNE 344 - Japanese Conversation  and JPNE 444 - Advanced Japanese Conversation .
  3. Submit a copy of Japanese Teaching Certification or Departmental permission.
  4. Submit a statement of reasons for pursuing this certificate
  5. Meet the requirements for admission to the Graduate School.

Department Information

World Languages | Jeff Popko, Ph.D., Department Head | 219 Alexander, 734.487.0130,

Advisor Information

Hitomi Oketani, Ph.D., 219 Alexander, 734.487.0130,

Degree Requirements: 14 hours