Jun 02, 2020  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [Working Draft] 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [Working Draft]

Visual Arts Education [M.A.]

Eastern Michigan University’s advanced professional education programs develop leaders who demonstrate reflective thought and scholarship within the context of a culturally diverse society. In addition, the Master of Arts in Visual Arts Education program produces educators who are committed to their ongoing professional growth and are aware of the challenges of democracy in our culturally diverse society. These educators will assert leadership and the ability to cultivate abstract thinking skills and analyze visual statements for personal meaning.

Program Admission

Applicants should see the Graduate School for general admission information and procedures. Applicants for admission to the M.A. degree program in Visual Arts Education (VAED) must have an undergraduate degree with minimum of 34 hours of art education and studio art courses, with a minimum 2.8 grade point average in these classes; hold K-12 art certification for the teaching of art; meet degree admission standards of the Graduate School; and submit the following materials for review -

  • Graduate School Application supported by official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate credit at each institution attended.
  • School of Art & Design Application (submitted via Slideroom) including the following;
    • Three letters of recommendation.
    • Letter of Intent that concisely expresses the applicant’s goals and objectives as an artist/designer and the reason(s) for pursuing graduate study.
    • 1-2 page statement of the applicant’s teaching philosophy.
    • 1-2 page statement of the applicant’s research interests.
    • A portfolio of 12-15 images, videos, and/or audio files of the applicant’s studio work, with a corresponding list stating title, medium, size, and date of completion for each artwork submitted.

The M.A. (VAED) degree program is designed for those persons who have completed their Art K-12 (LQ) Secondary Standard certification and are currently teaching art at the K-12 levels. This information can also be found at the School of Art & Design website.

Portfolios and materials must be submitted to the School of Art & Design by April 1st for Summer and Fall admission and by December 1st for Winter admission.

School Information

Art & Design | Sandra Murchison, MFA, Director | 114 Ford Hall, 734.487.1268, smurchis@emich.edu

Advisor Information

Michael Reedy, MFA, Graduate Coordinator, 114 Ford Hall, 734.487.1268, mreedy@emich.edu

Program Requirements

The graduate coordinator will meet with each student to construct a program of study. Students should follow closely the Graduate School requirements for “Application for Diploma.” Students whose degree program includes a final exhibition of work must apply for gallery space one semester prior to the proposed exhibition.

Graduate credit in art education (theory and practice) earned more than six years prior to the date on which the degree was granted may not be applied to meet the graduate requirements.

After the student has completed six hours of course work in art education, the graduate coordinator or program advisor will evaluate for approval the selection of a thesis proposal or paper option in an appropriate art education area, or the student will be assigned an advisor to oversee the taking of the comprehensive exam.

Degree Requirements: 31 hours

The M.A. (VAED) requires the completion of 31 hours of course work to be distributed among required courses, elective courses and cognate courses as follows:

Required Courses: 19 hours

The MA in Visual Art Education is designed to advance the professionalism of certified art education professionals. Our program combines the pillars of art education (education theory, studio practice, and art history) into one comprehensive degree, allowing graduate students to make a broad range of professional choices.

Electives: 12 hours

The educational landscape is changing as art education programs become more integrated into the general education curriculum. Our graduate students may elect to take additional, studio, history, or art education courses, or they may elect to learn more about another subject that will impact their teaching. At EMU graduates are empowered to elect courses that serve their professional needs. The combination of elective and cognate courses must total 12 credit hours.

Electives: 6-12 hours

Students are required to complete 6-12 hours of ARTE, ARTS, ARTH, AD2D, AD3D, ADPM, or ADGD coursework at the 500 level or above.

Cognate Option: Up to 6 hours

Students may elect to complete up to six credit hours in cognate areas at the 500 level or above.