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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

Finance [M.S.]

Revised Program [Fall 2020]

The Master of Science in Finance (FNCE) is a STEM-designated program intended to develop principled financial professionals who are prepared for a broad range of financial careers with a solid foundation in financial theory and applied financial skills. Our students are highly equipped with practical business problem-solving skills and creative thinking to address market challenges. They are committed to the ethical and legal standards that govern the practice of financial services. 

Our MSF program covers over 70% of the CFA Body of Knowledge and prepares students to sit for Level I, II and III of the CFA Exams.

This is a designated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program.


Program Admission

Due to COVID-19, EMU is offering GMAT/GRE waivers for this program for 2021 applications (Winter, Summer, or Fall). Applicants must meet all other admission criteria. Please email for more information.

Admission Requirements

  • Meet the minimum graduate school admission requirements
  • A GMAT score of 550 or higher or (a GRE quantitative score of 155 or higher and a 310 total GRE score). GMAT and GRE scores can be waived if certain conditions are met. See below for the GMAT and GRE waiver conditions.
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 
  • Resume submitted with the application.
  • Personal statement (250-word maximum) detailing the applicant’s interest in an MSF to be submitted with the application.

Degree Admission

Complete and submit to the Office of Admissions all required documents and materials. Domestic applicants must order official transcripts from all institutions attended (undergraduate and graduate) to be sent directly to EMU. Post-secondary transcripts from a non-U.S. institution must be submitted directly to one of four approved evaluation services for a detailed, course by course report. See International Admission Checklist for additional information. Applicants should allow 2-6 weeks for the evaluation to be completed.

The cohort program begins each fall for students. The following priority deadline has been established for receipt of all application materials required for admission to the MSF program.

Early Admission Deadline - December 1

After December 1st, applications are accepted on a rolling basis, until all open enrollment positions are assigned.

The MSF faculty will determine acceptance to the program. 

GMAT and GRE Waiver Policy

GMAT and GRE scores can be waived if a prospective applicant meets any one of the following three categories. 

  • All finance and accounting undergraduate majors must meet each of the following requirements: A minimum 3.5 overall GPA and a minimum 3.5 upper-division GPA in finance and accounting coursework and graduated from an AACSB-accredited program within the last five years. 
  • All STEM-related undergraduate majors must meet each of the following requirements: A minimum 3.5 overall GPA and a minimum 3.25 upper-division GPA in STEM-related coursework and graduated from an accredited program within the last five years 
  • All STEM-related graduate majors must meet the following requirements: A minimum overall 3.5 GPA and graduated with a STEM-related Masters degree from an accredited program

*Approval of a GMAT or GRE waiver does not guarantee admission. Prospective students must still apply and meet all other admissions requirements.

Conditional Admission

Domestic students will be admitted under conditional admission with a GMAT score of less than 550 but greater than 500 as long as their GPA is greater than 3.5. Students will have one year to maintain a GPA of greater than 3.25 with no final grades below a B- in order to be taken off of conditional admission status. Students with a GPA less than 3.25 after the first year or a course grade less than a B- will be removed from the program. MSF Faculty will decide conditional admission, only if there is room in the cohort group. International students will not be conditionally admitted.

Department Information

Accounting & Finance | Philip Lewis, Ph.D., Interim Department Head | 406 Owen, 734.487.3320,

Advisor Information

Please contact the department for advisor information.

Degree Requirements: 36-42 hours

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25 to graduate from this program.

Foundational Requirements: 6 hours

  • 3 hrs (or equivalent) with a B or higher 
  • 3 hrs (or equivalent) with a B or higher

    Course equivalents must be from an AACSB accredited university and approved by the finance faculty. Equivalency exams may be allowed in some cases.


    Students that are required to take ACC 501 and ECON 500 have the option to enroll in these courses the summer prior to their first fall semester or to take ACC 501 their first semester and ECON 500 their second semester. International students requiring 9 credit hours a semester must take these courses during their first and second semesters. 

Thesis (Optional): 0-6 hours

In addition to the core 30 credit hour required courses, students can take an optional 4-6 credits of thesis coursework during the fall and winter semesters of their second year.