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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog This is not the most recent catalog version; be sure you are viewing the appropriate catalog year.

Secondary Integrated Science [MAT]

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The Master of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Integrated Science Concentration is a 37-38 hour program leading to initial teaching certification in Integrated Science grades 6-12. The program is intended for students with a BA or BS in Integrated/General Science or an equivalent degree who wish to earn teacher certification with the State of Michigan.

Program Admission

Graduate School Application

After reviewing the admission requirements below, please select the appropriate application. The University is transitioning application platforms; pay close attention when selecting the application below.

The program you are applying to may not accept applicants every semester.

For additional information regarding the application process, please see Graduate Admissions or International Admissions.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Graduate School Requirements

A four-year baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or an equivalent degree from a non-U.S. institution. In addition, a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, or 3.0 in the last half of the undergraduate program, is required for full admission. Applicants who do not meet minimum admission requirements may be considered for conditional admission. See International Admissions for international applicant requirements.

Applicants must also meet the following program requirements:

  • Hold a 2.75 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 in the last half of the undergraduate work or 3.3 GPA in 12 hours or more of work at the graduate level.
  • Furnish an analysis of professional goals written by the candidate. This analysis should describe how the chosen degree program will help meet the selected goals and how the candidate’s life experiences, accomplishments, and interests will contribute to their success in the program.
  • Request and have submitted two letters of recommendation that address the candidate’s professional commitment, experience, and potential.
  • Freedom from civil/criminal convictions, academic probation, or administrative probation; ICHAT Criminal Background Check and Statement of Civil/Criminal Convictions; For any civil/criminal conviction, provide a copy of Judgment of Sentence, Registrar of Actions, or Certification of Conviction and a written explanation of the offense; Applications of students with civil/criminal convictions will be carefully reviewed and may take longer to process.
  • An undergraduate BA or BS in Integrated/General Science or equivalent from an accredited college or university, including the following:
    • Physics & Astronomy
      • Modern Physics; Astronomy for Science Majors; Calculus-based Introductory Mechanics Physics Course with Lab; Algebra-based Electricity and Magnetism with Lab
    • Chemistry
      • Inorganic Chemistry I for Science Majors with Lab; Inorganic Chemistry II for Science Majors with Lab; Organic Chemistry I for Science Majors
    • Biology
      • Introductory Biology I for Science Majors with Lab (Cell Structures and Function, Molecular Biology, Mendelian and Population Genetics, Evolutionary Theory and Ecology); Introductory Biology II for Science Majors with Lab (Evolutionary theory, Ecology, Plant Physiology, Development, and Diversity; Animal Physiology, Development, Diversity, and Behavior); Ecology
    • Earth Science
      • Earth Science for Science Majors with Lab - Dynamic Earth Systems; Earth Science for Science Majors with Lab (earth systems through time); Earth Science (weather, climate, and earth systems with Lab)

The transcripts, analysis of goals, and letters of recommendation should give evidence of potential for graduate-level scholarship.

Department Information

Teacher Education | Wendy Burke, Ph.D., Department Head | 313 Porter, 734.487.3260, wburke1@emich.edu

Advisor Information

Molly Thornbladh, 206 Porter, 734.487.1416, mthornbl@emich.edu

Degree Requirements: 37-38 hours

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