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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog [Current Academic Year] 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog [Current Academic Year]
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PHIL 429W Topics in Environmental Philosophy [GEWI]

An advanced course that explores the philosophical aspects of topics related to nature, the environment, and/or animal life. Possible topics include justice and the environment, ethical aspects of climate change, sustainability, conceptions of nature, the human place in nature, the philosophy of ecological restoration, and/or animals.

Often cross-listed with PHIL 529  

Credit 3 hrs May be repeated for additional credit (provided topics are different), total credits not to exceed 9 hrs
Grade Mode Normal (A-F) Course Rotation once every two years (in-person/hybrid, occasionally online)

Prerequisites -
Restriction by Major -
Restriction by Class -

Rationale for Writing Intensive - This course is a writing intensive course in the philosophy program. Students will compose at least two essay exams and write a substantial philosophical paper. The essay exams will be devoted to understanding and critiquing arguments puts forward by the authors studied in class. The substantial paper is a reasoned defense of a thesis. To fulfill the requirements of the paper, students will choose an issue with clear philosophical significance relating to the content of the course, formulate a thesis with respect to the issue, and defend that thesis.

A writing intensive course in philosophy offers students a unique opportunity to hone their analytical skills and to refine their capacity for self-expression through writing. The capstone term paper for this course provides a context for students to penetrate beyond superficial analyses of philosophical problems and to sort out their own view on some interesting, and often difficult, questions and problems. Although it takes many years to achieve deep understanding of philosophical questions and problems, this course is intended to provide a supportive context for students to make meaningful progress toward that goal.

Equivalent Course(s) - PHIL 529  
Course History -
Change to course rotation 4/2019, effective Fall 2019; Graduate Credit rescinded 3/2015, effective Fall 2015; Course Rotation added 1/2015; Approved for GEWI 8/2012, effective Winter 2013; New Course and Graduate Credit 3/2012

philosophy , environmental Writing Intensive (GEWI)  

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