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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Current Academic Year] 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Current Academic Year]

Pre-Engineering Program

Pre-Professional Studies are designed for students planning to pursue further study at a professional school. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor as soon as possible to discuss course selection, to gather information regarding admission requirements for professional schools, and to select an appropriate undergraduate major. Please note that Pre-Professional Studies are NOT majors, an EMU degree will not be awarded.

This program is a two-year program designed for the student who wishes to transfer to an engineering program at another University. Students are strongly advised to consult with the engineering school to which they plan to transfer for specific requirements. Courses taken may apply to other majors at the University if the student chooses to remain on campus to
complete a bachelor’s degree.

Engineering Programs at Eastern Michigan University:

Advisor Information

Eric Paradis, PhD, 240H Strong Hall, 734.487.6656

Jonathan Skuza, PhD, 240B Strong Hall, 734.487.8797

Students are strongly encouraged to make annual appointments with a Physics & Astronomy departmental advisor. They are the foremost resource to help you determine your plan of study to ensure that you satisfy your degree requirements as efficiently as possible.

Electives: 15 hours

All electives should be chosen in consultation with a pre-engineering adviser. Every engineering program has different requirements. Different fields in engineering (mechanical, electrical, nuclear, chemical, civil, aerospace, environmental, etc.) requires different courses. Meeting with a pre-engineering advisor to develop a plan of study will maximize the value of your transfer program.