May 27, 2020  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 

Special Education Master’s Program with Elementary Certification - Emotional Impairment (SMEE-SEM-T)

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Advisor (Students Last Names A-L): John Palladino, Ph.D.
128 Porter

Advisor (Students Last Names M-Z): Steven Camron, J.D.
128 Porter

The Department of Special Education offers a Master of Arts Degree with Teacher Certification (SEM-T) that encompasses the range and depth required to accommodate contemporary programs and service delivery systems. The program is designed to allow maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of individual students while maintaining the basic academic integrity implicit in a graduate program. Students in the SEM-T program earn a provisional teaching certificate in elementary education as well as an endorsement as a teacher of students with emotional impairment in addition to their Master of Arts Degree.

Eastern Michigan University’s advanced professional education programs develop leaders who demonstrate reflective thought and scholarship within the context of a culturally diverse society. In addition, the master’s-level programs in the Department of Special Education produce professionals with the comprehensive knowledge, skills and attitudes to deliver a continuum of habilitative/rehabilitative services to persons with special needs, and to their families, within a diverse society.

Admission Requirements

  1. Students must have taken the GRE.

  2. Students must submit a Personal Statement.

  3. Students must submit two letters of recommendation.

  4. Students must submit documentation of passing scores on the Michigan Test of Teacher Certification (MTTC-Basic Skills).

Program Requirements (All Areas of Exceptionality Except Speech-Language Pathology)

Graduate students seeking endorsements must:

  1. Complete an appropriate program of study as planned with a graduate advisor for the program area;

  2. Meet all other requirements of the Graduate School.

Exit Criteria

Exit criteria involve achievement of the objectives for graduate study in special education listed previously, as demonstrated by:

  1. Successful completion of all course work on program (minimum GPA of 3.0);

  2. Successful completion of required practicum/internship;

  3. Successful completion of independent study or thesis project.


Students in the SEM-T program must complete the requirements for a provisional certificate in elementary education as well as those for endorsement in special education. Students selecting Elementary Certification must complete the requirements of the Liberal Arts Major for Elementary Education. In addition, those selecting Elementary Certification must pass the “Elementary Education” certification test, #083.

A description of the initial Emotional Impairment endorsement sequence follows. Endorsement sequences for those already endorsed in one area of special education, but seeking additional endorsement(s), consist of different courses than listed here. Students should consult the appropriate graduate advisor.

An initial endorsement sequence generally consists of the following core special education classes, plus the specialty classes required by the specific program area.  Students with teaching certificates are admitted to the professional preparation program at the time of admission to the graduate program in Special Education.

Program Total: 27 hours

Courses Required for Initial Endorsement:


* These courses require formal admission to the Intial Teacher Preparation Program.

Special Education - Curriculum Information

Courses in General Education:

Undergraduate transcripts will be reviewed to determine completion of hours to be credited toward meeting a required 40 hours of general or liberal education. Additional course work may be necessary to meet this 40-hour requirement.

Endorsement/Approval Sequence:

Students must be free from any probation, administrative or academic, before an internship or practicum experience is approved. The endorsement sequence is independent from a degree program. Completion of the minimum degree requirements does not guarantee endorsement and the completion of endorsement requirements do not result in the awarding of a degree. It is important for SEM-T students to meet with their graduate advisor to develop a program of study to meet certification, endorsement and degree requirements.

Undergraduate Courses for Graduate Credit: Special Education

The following courses may be elected for graduate credit. A maximum of nine hours of approved 400-level course work may be permitted in the earning of any graduate degree.

If you intend to enroll in any of the following undergraduate courses for graduate credit, you must submit a request form to the Graduate School to receive permission before enrolling in the course; otherwise, you will receive undergraduate credit.

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