Oct 22, 2018  
2009-2011 Graduate Catalog 

Special Education Master's Program with Teacher Certification (SEM-T)

Admission Requirements

  1. The student applying for an endorsement in specific special education areas must meet the admissions requirements specified under the Master of Arts degree.
  2. Student must submit documentation of passing scores on the Michigan Test of Teacher Certification (MTTC-Basic Skills).
  3. Students must be admitted to the Department of Special Education prior to taking 400- and graduate-level requirements.

Program Requirements (Areas of Exceptionality Except Speech-Language Pathology)

Graduate students seeking endorsements must:

  1. Complete an appropriate program of study as planned with a graduate adviser for the program area;
  2. Meet all other requirements of the Graduate School.

Exit Criteria

Exit criteria involve achievement of the objectives for graduate study in special education listed previously, as demonstrated by:

  1. Successful completion of all course work on program (minimum GPA of 3.0);
  2. Successful completion of required practica/internship;
  3. Successful completion of independent study or thesis project.


A description of initial endorsement sequences follows. Endorsement sequences for those already endorsed in one area of special education, but seeking additional endorsement(s), consist of different courses than listed here. Students should consult the appropriate graduate adviser.

An initial endorsement sequence generally consists of the following core special education classes, plus the specialty classes required by the specific program area.  Students with teaching certificates are admitted to the professional preparation program at the time of admission to the graduate program in Special Education.

Program Total: 27 hours

Courses Required for Initial Endorsement:

Teachers of Students with Cognitive Impairment (COGN):

Teachers of Students with Emotional Impairment (EMOT):

Teachers of Students with Hearing Impairment (HEAR):

Prospective students should be aware that the basic philosophy of the program is oral communication; students are exposed to manual communication during their course of study, however.

All students are considered provisional majors until such time as they successfully complete SPHI 391 Language for Students with Hearing Impairment and pass a language proficiency examination. SPLI 673 listed above is not required in this program.

Endorsement with Core Course Total: 62 hours

Teachers of Students with Physical Impairment or other Health Impairment (POHI):

Endorsement with Core Courses Total: 58 hours

Teachers of Students with Visual Impairment (VISU):

Endorsement with Core Courses Total: 70 hours


These courses require admission to the professional preparation program.